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Sunday, June 14, 2020

June 14, 2020

Write an Essay on "Science in Everyday Life"

Write an Essay on "Science in Everyday Life"

Science is a great blessing to mankind. Nothing better has happened in the history of man than advent of science in his life. The world into which science came was a world of ignorance, suffering and hardship. Science has come to relieve us suffering, to remove our ignorance and to lighten our tool.

Science is a very faithful servant of man. It serves us in all walks of life. It is our servant in the home, in the field, in the factory. It serves us at every step in life. Never was there a more helping servant. It is only when we spoil the servant and do not keep him in proper control that he may cause some harm to us. But this is our own fault. A servant has to be kept under control.

Science has transformed our lives. Gone are the days when only the rich could afford luxuries. Science has made them cheaper and brought them within the reach of everybody.

Science produces goods on large scale. thee are sold at cheap rates in every market. Books, music and all other form of entertainment have been brought to our doors.

Radio Television and Cinema entertain us fully. So the life of a common man is quite different form what it used to be.

Science has made travelling a pleasure. No longer do we need to part sadly from our relatives and friends for a long time when we go for a travel to a distance land. 

Science is the greatest blessing to the poor housewife. A thousand devices have been placed at her disposal to lighten her toil. There are electricity run kitchens in which cooking is a pleasure. There is no dirt, no smoke, and cooking is done in no time. Electricity washes her clothes, sweeps her floors. It has given her leisure to rest, to study and to attend better to her children.

Science has worked miracles in the filed of education. With the help of great printing presses thousands of books are printed in the twinkling of an eye, thus making the published material easily available and cheap. 

The daily news-paper is increasing in bulk day by day but decreasing in cost getting a wold of information at virtually no cost.

Science has provided us with the immense power of atomic energy. It is now in out hands whether we employ this gift of science in the destruction of mankind or use it for such a worthwhile use that the world will really be a heaven to live in, otherwise it can turn into rubble in the matter of some minutes.

Monday, June 8, 2020

June 08, 2020

Write an Essay On "The Ideal Leader"

Write an Essay On "The Ideal Leader"

The ideal leader has got to have sterling qualities, the impression of which should be such that the pupils, persons or masses treasure his memory all their lives.

The ideal leader arouses love and respect from all those whom he leads. In other words, people naturally feel dawn towards him. This is attributable to his quietly inviting personality which is bedecked with elderliness.

The ideal leader aims at winning the heart of his followers. He should effortlessly create a living bond between himself and the people.

The ideal leader should be possession of all the qualities that go to make an ideal leader. As a matter of fact it is the efforts and environment and heredity factors that contribute to leadership.

Efforts and industry are the key factors towards making such a leader. If he fails to lead the people well and towards a proper direction he cease to be an ideal leader.

The ideal leader has, as such, to understand the aspirations of his people and make them realize and feel that he is going to do his best to achieve them their goal. The woes of the people are his woes. He has to share the woes of people and partake their joys.

He cannot be selfish. He cannot serve his interest before the interest of people. His quality is self confidence and determination. He can achieve his goals by sticking to his aim and no failures deter him from his path.

Truth is his greatest strength. He does not fear failures and does not celebrate successes. Such leader do have a deep public base. Whenever he goes people follow him to take his guidance. He goes people follow him to take his guidance. 

He is dedicated to his people. He gradually loses interest even in his  family members and relatives because they do not matter much to him.

Only the men of imagination and vision have made spectacular advances and led people to a proper direction. The ideal leader knows the pulse of his people, loves them, encourages them to fight for their just cause. 

He inspires them and enthuses new zeal in them. He never misses the track of his people. He is selfless and the good of his people is his ultimate ambition.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

June 06, 2020

"भारतीय समाज में जाति व्यवस्था" पर निबंध लिखें

"भारतीय समाज में जाति व्यवस्था" पर निबंध लिखें

जाति व्यवस्था हिंदू समाज की सबसे बुनियादी विशेषता है। अपनी अज्ञात शुरुआत के बाद से सदियों के पाठ्यक्रम को देखते हुए, इस प्रणाली का लोगों के सामाजिक और आर्थिक जीवन पर गहरा प्रभाव पड़ा है।

मूल रूप से इसे समाज में श्रम विभाजन के आधार पर पेश किया गया था और आर्थिक ताकत और दक्षता को बढ़ावा देने के लिए गणना की गई थी। विभाजन पूरी तरह से लचीलेपन के साथ शुरू होना था और एक जाति के सदस्य के लिए दूसरे में बदलना संभव था। लेकिन जैसे-जैसे समय बीतता गया, जाति व्यवस्था एक पानी-तंग सामाजिक डिब्बे बन गई।

भारत में जाति व्यवस्था की उत्पत्ति के लिए कई सिद्धांत प्रस्तावित किए गए हैं। राजनीतिक तिकड़ी का कहना है कि यह उच्च वर्ग के ब्राह्मणों की चाल थी।

व्यावसायिक सिद्धांत अस्थायी रूप से अपनी उत्पत्ति का परिचय देता है। नस्लीय सिद्धांत इस तथ्य के लिए अपने मूल का श्रेय देता है कि दौड़ को अलग बनाने के लिए जो दौड़ आयोजित करता है वह अलग है।

पारंपरिक सिद्धांत देवताओं द्वारा विभिन्न कार्यों को करने के लिए इसके निर्माण की ओर इशारा करता है। कुछ विश्वासियों ने कहा कि मनु ने अपनी "मनु स्मृति" में मानव समाज को चार वर्गों में विभाजित किया, अर्थात् ब्राह्मण, क्षत्रिय, वैश्य और शूद्र। लेकिन डॉ। स्मिथ ने इस सिद्धांत पर आपत्ति जताई। उसने महसूस किया कि यह उसकी गलत व्याख्या के कारण एक कलाकार के रूप में गलतफहमी का परिणाम था।

और आखिरी में इवोल्यूशनरी थ्योरी आती है। यह सिद्धांत एक सामाजिक घटना के रूप में जाति व्यवस्था को बनाए रखता है, जिसका मूल सामाजिक विकास प्रक्रिया में निहित है।

यह बहुत संभव है कि कुछ बदसूरत चीजों ने विकासवादी प्रक्रिया के दौरान सिस्टम में अपना प्रवेश किया। एक और शायद सबसे खराब था अस्पृश्यता का अभ्यास। शिक्षा के सुधार के साथ, यह सामाजिक बुराई समाज से लगभग गायब हो गई है।

फिर भी जाति व्यवस्था उसके गुणों के बिना नहीं है, जिसे नजरअंदाज नहीं किया जाना चाहिए। यह श्रम विभाजन पर आधारित था और इस प्रकार समाज को कुशलता से कार्य करने में सक्षम बनाता था।

इसने श्रम को और अधिक कठोर बना दिया क्योंकि कला में विधर्मी कौशल को पिता से पुत्र में स्थानांतरित कर दिया गया था। जाति ने समाजों में एक सामाजिक बीमा के रूप में काम किया और जरूरत के समय अपने सदस्यों की मदद की। जाति व्यवस्था ने करियर चुनने की समस्या को हल कर दिया और बेरोजगारी की समस्या उत्पन्न नहीं हुई।

हालांकि, जाति व्यवस्था ने न केवल इसकी उपयोगिता को रेखांकित किया है, बल्कि एक सकारात्मक बुराई है, जिसे जल्द से जल्द दूर किया जाना चाहिए।

समाज को पानी से भरे डिब्बों में विभाजित करके, यह सामाजिक और राष्ट्रीय एकता के लिए एक बाधा के रूप में कार्य करता है, जो आर्थिक उत्थान के राष्ट्रीय प्रयास के लिए आवश्यक है। यह समवर्ती प्रदर्शन कार्यों द्वारा उद्यम और पहल की भावना को मारता है।

प्रणाली व्यापार परिवर्तन को कठिन बनाकर श्रम और पूंजी को स्थिर बनाती है। यह लोगों में विशिष्टता की भावना पैदा करके और उन्हें प्रगतिशील प्रभावों से दूर रखकर प्रगति को पीछे छोड़ देता है।

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June 06, 2020

Write an Essay on "Caste System in Indian Society

Write an Essay on "Caste System in Indian Society

The caste system is the most fundamental feature of the Hindu society. Looking back over the course of centuries since its unknown beginning, the system has exercised a very profound influence on the social and economic life of the people.

Originally it was introduced on the basis of division of labour in the society and was calculated to promote its economic strength and efficiency. The division was, to begin with, completely flexible and it was possible for member of one caste to change to the other. But as time passed, the caste system become a water-tight social compartment.

Many theories have been propounded to account for the origin of caste system in India. The political teory states it was shrewd trick of upper class Brahmins.

The occupational theory traces its origin to the famulys' occupation. The racial theory ows its origin to the fact that diffrent races organizing their own race to form a separate caste. 

The traditional theory points towards its creation by the gods to perform different functions. Some belive that Manu in his "Manu Smriti" divided the human society into four classes, i.e. Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas and Shudras. But Dr. Smith objected to this theory. He felt that it was the result of misunderstanding arising due to misinterpretation as Castes. 

And last of all comes the Evolutionary Theory. This theory maintains caste system as a social phenomenon, the origin of which lies in social evolutionary process.

It is quite possible that during the evolutionary process some ugly things did make their entry into the system. The one and probably the worst was the custom of untouchability. With improvement in education, this social evil has almost disappeared from the society.

Still caste system is not without its merits, which must not be ignored. It was based on the division of labour and thus enabled the society to function efficiently. 

It made labour more eddicent as the heriditary skill in art was transferred from father to son. Caste served as a social insurance in societies, and helped their members in times of needs. The caste system solved the problem of choosing careers and the problem of unemployment did not arise.

However, the caste system has not only outlived its utility, but is a positive evil, which must be casst away as soon as possible. 

By splitting the society into water-tight compartments, it operates as an obstacle to the social and national unity, which is essential for a national effort at economic regeneration. It kills the spirit of enterprise and initiative by making functions heriditary.

By making change of occupation difficult the system makes the labour and capital immobile. It retards the progress by creating a spirit of exclusiveness among the people and keeping them away from the progressive influences. 

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Thursday, June 4, 2020

June 04, 2020

"रक्तदान" पर एक निबंध लिखें

"रक्तदान" पर एक निबंध लिखें

आकस्मिक बीमारी या सर्जिकल ऑपरेशन के कारण गंभीर रक्त हानि वाले रोगियों को रक्त की आवश्यकता होती है। बड़ी मात्रा में रक्त भी अचानक मृत्यु का कारण बन सकता है।

मरीजों को सही समूह रक्त की आपूर्ति करने के लिए, दुनिया भर में ब्लड बैंक स्थापित किए गए हैं। ये बैंक रक्त एकत्र करते हैं, इसका परीक्षण करते हैं, इसे विभिन्न समूहों में वर्गीकृत करते हैं और भविष्य में उपयोग के लिए संग्रहित करते हैं।

ब्लड बैंकों को ऐसे लोगों से रक्त मिलता है जो इसे स्वेच्छा से दान करते हैं। रक्तदान इसलिए एक महान सेवा है जो कोई भी सक्षम वयस्क पीड़ित मानवता को प्रदान कर सकता है।

कुछ लोगों में यह गलत धारणा है कि रक्त देने से दाता कमजोर होते हैं।

वास्तव में, हमारा शरीर कुछ हफ्तों के भीतर हमारे द्वारा दिए गए रक्त को बनाता और प्रतिस्थापित करता है। लेकिन यह सलाह दी जाती है कि हर तीन महीने में रक्तदाता को अधिक बार रक्त न दें।

रक्तदान अभियान आमतौर पर स्वैच्छिक एजेंसियों द्वारा शिविरों के माध्यम से चलाया जाता है। लोग आते हैं और अपना खून चढ़ाते हैं। नर्स और डॉक्टर खून इकट्ठा करने में मदद करते हैं।

रक्तदाता रक्त समूह का परीक्षण सबसे पहले किया जाता है। दाता सही उम्र और वजन का होना चाहिए। वह स्वस्थ होना चाहिए। रक्त दाता की बांह में एक नस से खींचा जाता है।

रक्त को एक बोतल या प्लास्टिक की थैली में एकत्र किया जाता है, एक ठंडी जगह पर रखा जाता है और रक्त बैंक में भेजा जाता है। आपातकाल की स्थिति में, रक्त भी सीधे दान किया जाता है।

रोगी के पास बिस्तर पर एक डोनर होता है और रक्त दाता के शरीर से लिया जाता है और प्राप्तकर्ता के शरीर में तुरंत पहुंचाया जाता है।

इसे रक्त आधान कहा जाता है। भारत जैसे गरीब देशों में पेशेवर रक्तदाता हैं जो पैसे के लिए रक्त दान करते हैं। यदि एक दाता एक संक्रमण रोग से पीड़ित है, तो प्राप्तकर्ता को इसे पकड़ने की संभावना है।

रक्तदान आदमी का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है, आखिरकार, यह इतना बुरा नहीं है क्योंकि उसे कभी-कभी कहानियों, उपन्यासों और फिल्मों में चित्रित किया जाता है।

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June 04, 2020

"રક્તદાન" પર નિબંધ લખો

"રક્તદાન" પર નિબંધ લખો

જે દર્દીઓ આકસ્મિક રોગ અથવા સર્જિકલ ઓપરેશનને લીધે ઘણું લોહી ગુમાવે છે તેમને લોહીની જરૂર હોય છે. મોટી માત્રામાં લોહીનું અચાનક નુકસાન પણ મૃત્યુનું કારણ બની શકે છે.

દર્દીઓમાં તાત્કાલિક રક્ત જૂથ પહોંચાડવા માટે વિશ્વભરમાં બ્લડ બેંકોની સ્થાપના કરવામાં આવી છે. આ બેંકો લોહી એકત્રિત કરે છે, તેનું પરીક્ષણ કરે છે, તેને વિવિધ જૂથોમાં વર્ગીકૃત કરે છે અને તેને ભવિષ્યના ઉપયોગ માટે સંગ્રહિત કરે છે.

બ્લડ બેંકો એવા લોકોનું લોહી મેળવે છે જે સ્વૈચ્છિક રીતે દાન કરે છે. રક્તદાન એ એક મહાન સેવા છે જે કોઈપણ સમર્થ પુખ્ત વયસ્ક પુખ્ત વ્યક્તિત્વને આપી શકે છે.

કેટલાક લોકો એમ કહેવાની ભૂલ કરે છે કે જેઓ રક્તદાન કરે છે તેઓ રક્તદાન કરીને નબળા પડે છે.

હકીકતમાં આપણું શરીર થોડા અઠવાડિયામાં આપેલ લોહી બનાવે છે અને બદલી નાખે છે. પરંતુ દાતાને સલાહ આપવામાં આવે છે કે દર ત્રણ મહિનામાં એક કરતા વધુ વખત રક્તદાન ન કરો.

કેમ્પ દ્વારા સામાન્ય રીતે સ્વૈચ્છિક એજન્સીઓ દ્વારા રક્તદાન ડ્રાઇવનું આયોજન કરવામાં આવે છે. લોકો આવે છે અને તેનું લોહી આપતા હોય છે. નર્સો અને ડોકટરો લોહી એકત્રિત કરવામાં મદદ કરે છે.

પ્રથમ દાતાના રક્ત જૂથની તપાસ કરવામાં આવે છે. દાતા યોગ્ય વય અને વજન હોવો જોઈએ. તે સ્વસ્થ હોવું જોઈએ. દાતાના હાથમાં નસમાંથી લોહી ખેંચાય છે.

લોહી બોટલ અથવા પ્લાસ્ટિકની થેલીમાં એકત્રિત કરવામાં આવે છે, તેને ઠંડી જગ્યાએ રાખવામાં આવે છે અને બ્લડ બેંકમાં મોકલવામાં આવે છે. કટોકટીની સ્થિતિમાં રક્ત પણ સીધું જ દાન કરવામાં આવે છે.

દાતા દર્દીની નજીકના પલંગમાં સૂવા માટે બનાવવામાં આવે છે અને લોહી દાતાના શરીરમાંથી લેવામાં આવે છે અને તરત જ પ્રાપ્તકર્તાના શરીરમાં સંક્રમિત થાય છે.

તેને લોહી ચડાવવું કહેવામાં આવે છે. ભારત જેવા ગરીબ દેશોમાં વ્યાવસાયિક રક્તદાતાઓ છે જે પૈસા માટે રક્તદાન કરે છે. જો કોઈ દાતા ચેપી રોગથી પીડાય છે, તો પ્રાપ્તકર્તા તેને પકડે તેવી સંભાવના વધારે છે.

રક્તદાન બતાવે છે કે માણસ, એટલું ખરાબ નથી જેટલું તેને ક્યારેક વાર્તાઓ, નવલકથાઓ અને મૂવીઝમાં દર્શાવવામાં આવે છે.

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June 04, 2020

Write An Essay On "Blood Donation"

Write An Essay On "Blood Donation"

Patients who have lost much blood on account of accident disease or surgical operation require blood. Sudden loss of blood in a large quantity can cause even death.

To supply blood of the right group immediately to the patients, blood banks have been established all over the world. These banks collect blood, test it, classify it into different groups and store it for future use.

Blood banks get blood from people who donate it voluntarily. Blood donation is therefore a great service which any able-bodied adult can provide to the suffering humanity.

There is a mistaken notion among some people that blood donors become weak by giving blood. 

In fact our body makes and replaces the blood we have given within a few weeks. But it is advisable for the donor not to give blood more often than every three months.

Blood donation drives are usually organized by voluntary agencies through camps. People come and offer their blood. Nurses and doctors help in collecting blood. 

Blood group of the donor is first checked. The donor must be of the right age and weight. He must be healthy. Blood is drawn from a vein in the donor's arm. 

The blood is collected in a bottle or a plastic bag, kept in a cool place and sent to the blood bank. Blood is also donated directly in case of emergency.

The donor is made to lie in a bed near the patient and blood is taken from the body of the donor and transmitted to the body of the recipient immediately.

This is called blood transfusion. In poor countries like India there are professional blood donors who donate blood for money. If a donor suffers from some infections disease, the recipient is likely to catch it.

Blood donation shows that man, after all, it not so bad as he is sometimes depicted in stories, novels and films.

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